Welcome to #VVFA radio.
A pop up online radio station
broadcasting live from
Sugarhouse Studios
Saturday 22nd of September
12:00 - 16:00

Our program is part of LDF18, Assemble's Sugarhouse Open Studios. It will include -- a presentation by designer and researcher J. Paul Neeley on Speculative Design's Normalisation -- a special sci-fi mix by Anne Duffau, founder and curator of the nomadic platform A---Z -- a radio play by artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths university Nicholas Mortimer, What were you expecting?, focussed on the future of work, and followed by a conversation with David Frayne author of The Refusal of Work -- a reading of The Ascent, a four act play centered around a simulated plane crash, written by artist, designer and assistant professor at SAIC, Ilona Gaynor -- a conversation with Nicole Lhuillier, PhD condidate and research assistant at MIT Media Lab, we'll discuss her work and play a poem made in collaboration with Daniela Catrileo, Nampulwangulenfe / Mapunauta.